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Hello, my name is Lilith, and I am fat.

Now that the obvious is out of the way, allow me to indroduce myself.

I'm a queer, latinx, disabled plus size model, and actress.


But more importantly, I'm a fat liberation, and disability activist.

Appearance: 5'5, size 26/28, light skinned latina, hourglass shape, size 9w shoes.


Location: Vancouver, British Columbia., Seattle, WA, and Portland, Oregon.


Favourite movies: return of the living dead, nightbreed, big fish, this is the end


Favourite books: Cabal by clive barker, the bell jar - slyvia plath, Trainspotting - Irvine Welsh, The trial - Franz Kafka, Diary of an English opium eater - Thomas De Quincey

Favourite foods: Chicken caeser salad, asian mandarin salad, chilli rellenos, tamales, tomato basil soup, caramel apples, avocado sushi rolls, celery with ranch, fresh broccoli, raisins, popcorn with an ungodly amount of white cheddar seasoning, pad thai with tofu, grilled lemon pepper chicken.

Hobbies: Swimming, video games, bicycling, reading, LARP, magic the gathering, cooking/baking, painting, etc 

List of tattoos: Witchblade, sonic screwdriver, lightsaber, yoshi on a pipe, love equation, kingdom hearts, horror movie icons as chibis, ange and devil Gir, vines, scorpion, pin up model, lisa frank style baphomet, trans symbol, angelic compass, ring, etc

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